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We value community, both within and outside the school, and the need for all citizens to be positive and productive members of society. When our values are actively engaged, the result is a supportive environment where everyone feels that they belong.

Learning for Life

The ability for an individual and the entire community to become lifelong learners.

Being a part of a community makes us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It gives us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, to make us feel safe and secure. A true community is about being connected and responsible for what happens.

We implement this at SRS through the ‘Big Family/Individual Care’ concept. This means working together in a large organisation in accordance with shared values and mutual understanding, but always focusing relentlessly on the needs of the individual child.

A collective organisational effort is directed at ensuring appropriate care and attention for every student.

Our values convey the beliefs that positively influence our behaviour and the way we interact with individuals, groups and communities

They represent the deepest beliefs and sentiments to which we can aspire, and they shape our SRS school community.

The value of community is practised at SRS through the implementation of the Learning Without Boundaries (LWB) programme.

Maintaining physical and mental health: We all know that body and mind are closely connected and that any instability in any of these areas can prevent the student from realising their full potential. Therefore, practising an extracurricular: activity that the student loves and perceives as a hobby can contribute much towards relieving the stress accumulated while performing academic tasks. Also, participation, in extracurricular sports activities leads to the secretion of hormones that can; improve the mood (endorphin, dopamine, adrenaline, etc.).
Experiential learning: Students who attend extra-academic activities that require some forms of cognitive learning have a higher percentage of attendance and engagement in class, which, in turn, can serve as a sound foundation for handling the responsibilities that await them in higher education.
Forming of moral compass and cultural value system: Students who participate in after-school activities often encounter students with different backgrounds (eg social status, culture). Through the regular attendance of these activities, the students have a chance to get to know each other and see how few their differences are, and how much more pronounced and frequent the values that bring them together are.
Enhancing personality development: In addition to a wide range of concrete and auxiliary skills that are acquired while performing any extracurricular activity, there are a number of additional factors that positively affect the development of the student's personality. Namely, when attending any extracurricular activity, students are regularly compelled to leave their comfort zone in order to communicate with peers and present their ideas and opinions, which results in the forming of a healthy a personality who can accept themself and interact normally in social situations,

Main Office


Nouakchott Street Dubai, UAE Next to Mushrif Park


+971 56 998 5019
+971 4 601 1066

Work hours

Sun. Thu. 7am-3pm
Sat. 10am-4pm


Next to Mushrif park
Nouakchott St - Dubai
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