The Best American Curriculum School in Dubai  

american curriculum schools in dubai

For families moving to Dubai, choosing the right school for their children is a top priority. There is no easy way to answer the question, “Which is the best school in Duba?” However, many opt for American curriculum schools due to their emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and preparing students for university success. This article explores what defines top-ranked American schools in Dubai and how to select the best fit. 

What is the American Curriculum? 

The American education system aims to nurture well-rounded, independent thinkers ready to excel at high-ranked colleges worldwide. Students develop skills in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. The curriculum emphasizes STEAM subjects, coding, entrepreneurship, arts, athletics, and leadership. Teachers act as academic mentors, providing a personalized approach to each  student’s talents and interests.  

Assessment is not focused solely on rote memorization for standardized tests. Rather, students demonstrate conceptual mastery through projects, presentations, laboratory practicals and critical writing. Top schools also integrate global citizenship, community service, and character development. On a broad basis, American education prepares change drivers to make their impact. 

Discover the Best American Curriculum School in Dubai: SRS 

A leading grade 9-12 U.S. curriculum institution, SRS US High School champions individualized excellence via STEAM and AP frameworks, experiential discovery learning and a Character First program instilling core values across its tight-knit community.  

They are an expanding high school approved by KHDA and the MOE, with a strong community of highly competent American-trained instructors, students, and parents.  

SRS innovates 21st-century skills into traditional American curricula to prepare ethical change-makers ready to take on the world. Students receive world-class coding and robotics education, tackling real-world problems.   

What sets SRS US High School apart? 

At the heart of the SRS US High School the difference is its Character First program. Core values including integrity, resilience, responsibility and compassion all permeate the school culture. Students develop the emotional intelligence and leadership capacities needed to drive collaborative progress on both local and global scales.  

Through an expansive campus in the UAE serving the surrounding communities, SRS opens its doors to pupils from over 50 nationalities united through the common language of academic excellence and service.  

Among Dubai’s diverse landscape of American curriculum institutions, SRS International School stands out as a leader, delivering Ivy League quality learning .

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